Mommy Please Don't Cry. There Are No Tears In Heaven

Mommy Please Don't Cry, There Are No Tears In Heaven
By: Linda Deymaz

Mommy please don't cry......
A beautiful angel carried me here!

I met Jesus today mommy!
He cradled me in his big strong arms.
He made me feel so happy inside.

Mommy please don't cry......
Heaven is wonderful!
Did you know the streets are made of gold?
Real gold!

I have lots of friends, mommy.
We run and play.
We giggle and laugh.
I can't wait to show you my secret hideouts!

Mommy please don't cry.....
When i fall it doesn't hurt! There are no tears in heaven.

I've met a man named Noah.
He told me about his big boat, all the animals, and the very first rainbow.
Have you heard of Noah, mommy?

Mommy please don't cry....
We have lots of parties here:
With streamers and hats, and the best chocolate cake ever!

When it's time to rest angels tuck us in.
I never get scared mommy, there is no darkness here! 
Jesus is the light of heaven.

Mommy please don't cry....
The angels are always singing.
I love to sing with the angels!
You'd be proud of me.
I have a pretty good voice.
I must have gotten it from you.

There is a river mommy.
In the most beautiful garden you could ever imagine.....
And a huge tree with yummy fruit.
The angels call it the tree of life.
Mommy, its so wonderful to be alive in heaven!

Mommy please don't cry....
Sometimes I just like to be by myself. 
That's when I think of you.

Someday mommy, we will hold each other tight!
Then you will cradle me in your arms, and stroke my hair.....
and once again, our hearts will beat together.

Mommy please don't cry....
I'll wait right here for you.

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  1. This book brought me more comfort than I can ever put into words after I lost my son to a brain tumor he was only 3 and he always would try to comfort me when I would cry by saying don't cry :'( one day we'll be together again !!!